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Welcome to my students from years 10 & 11 VCE & VCAL. I hope you like the Wikispace that has been designed for you. Don't forget to bookmark l2l.wikispaces.com

Please register, create a user name and password so that you can immediately begin taking advantage of the benefits of this space. This is going to be another way for us to communicate and for students to access the Special Features of each of my subjects, which is exclusive to the Wikispace only.

If you have any subject related questions for me then please send me a message. Alternatively, use the discussion tab to start a conversation related to subject matter or a current event issue that you feel strongly about. Each page from the Navigation menu (on your left) has a discussion tab.

I'm going to be updating the space all the time with new pages that are designed to get you involved. Once you are a member you will be able to 'edit these pages'. You can embed word docs, links, videos, photos and more into the Wiki! If we all share information through the Wiki we can create a huge database resource for students to utilise in and out of school.

For the meantime, this Wikispace is not all serious so explore some of the other cool material already here amongst the pages and enjoy!

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