What we need is some motivation! Has anyone got some motivational material that is sure to inspire???

This scene from the original Rocky movie always gets me going! The scene where he's increasing his running speed and climbing the stairs are unforgettable and never cease to get the heart pumping!

Below you will find the task, clippings and some useful links regarding the student strike in Sunbury. I revamped this task in order to give us a fresh perspective.

Article from The Australian
Article from The Leader

SCOPE has been part of the Year 12 VCAL fixture for as long as I can remember. Working with the mentally disabled is an unforgettable experience. There is a SCOPE next to Highpoint, so maybe we can timetable some shopping into the excursion? Who wants to co-ordinate this excursion? Angela Vavilitis organized this excursion in 2007. Maybe we could sub contract her to come into the college and help us get this idea up and running? What do you think?

The eBay activity
1. Choose a business partner
2. Purchase your merchandise
3. Prepare the merchandise
4. List it on eBay
5. Monitor the auction over 7 day period
6. Did it sell? If not, prepare again for re-list
7. Prepare for postage and handling
8. Feedback
9. Evaluation, what have we learned?