Term 1

1. Honda - The Impossible Dream Commercial

Term 2

2. Year 10 English classes have just completed their Work Experience Oral Presentations and many were of a very high standard. Specifically, what impressed me was those students who incorporated some type of technology into their presentation whether it be the Teamboard, the Internet or a Slide Show. Also, I was pleased by the question and answer sessions that concluded each presentation, which proved that as an audience you were listening. For the meantime, check out one of Tegan Orwin's Slide Show photographs while working for the 'Australian' newspaper.


Context: Whose Reality - Lost

Term 3

3. To begin semester 2 we're going to spend some time discussing "the all singing and all dancing" iPhone, which is being dubbed the "Jesus Phone" by Apple worshipers. There is no doubt that we need to adopt a balanced point of view before forming an opinion on the issue of the iPhone. Everybody is in possession of the A3 article titled 'iPhone lands' from the 'AGE Green Guide' dated Thursday July 10. We have begun to annotate this article and to use the space on the reverse side of the handout to start outlining a table that explores the pros and cons of the iPhone. Eventually everybody will be writing a POV on this issue. See my essay, 'iPhone or iRipoff?' below for some ideas. More information can be found in the 'Sunday Herald Sun' - check pages 4&5 of the 'Play' supplement and you will an article titled, 'Functional & Fun'. Also, check out the link to the Apple website and click on 'watch the guided tour'. There you will find a very informative 30 minute documentary on how to use the iPhone and its various functions. Use the discussion tab on this page and post your opinion on the iPhone. Cheers!

Apple iPhone documentary

Check out how much Steve Jobs pledged to sell the iPhone for! Was this value passed on to customers?

iPhone - Will it blend? This must surely be a 'con' as the iPhone is not robust enough to withstand blender blades.

3. Romeo & Juliet - William Shakespeare

Term 4

4. Creative Writing

Check out the 3 following pictures. Using the pictures as a stimulus write a 300-400 creative essay. Remember, it is a creative essay so let your imagination run wild! Unlike in the past, you have been given a substantial amount of support information to assist you in the writing of your essays. However, this time all you will have are these 3 pictures and your imagination. Good luck!


5. The Shawshank Redemption