This is an awesome advertisement from Discovery Channel and serves as a timely reminder that the world really is a special place.

NOT HAPPY JAN......gotta love this ad!
(Would you run if you were Jan???)

This advert won the 2007 'Make A Film' awards. (Beware: if you don't like blood then don't watch it!)

Here are a some road safety advertisements for you to consider. All ads were featured on the ABC's Gruen Transfer and created interesting discussion.

The Year 11 VCE English group viewed the third advertisement earlier this year and came up with some impressive analysis. Remarkably, this advertisement aired simultaneously at 8:30pm on all 3 major commercial TV networks. See word doc below for more information.

You Tube Gorilla Cadbury Chocolate Advertisement

How does this advertisement sell chocolate??? Do some analysis and post your answers in the discussion forums for this page.

Should we have an 'International Buy Nothing Day'?