Year 11 VCE English

Issues Analysis - Women in the armed forces

Year 11A VCE English - Thursday October 29th (Day 4) & Friday October 30th (Day 5)
Year 11B VCE English - Friday October 30th (Day 5) & Friday November 6th (Day 10)

Creating & Presenting - Future Worlds

Outcome information:

1. The unit on Creating & Presenting will roll over the period of 2 and a half weeks. Each week you will do 1 assessment task that will have a specific style, form, context and prompt. Information related to each Assessment Task can be found in your Resource Booklet that includes helpful hints on how to complete each Outcome, articles and short stories that are designed to help you build a knowledge base around the Context. Information can also be accessed on the 'Year 11 VCE English' page of this wiki under Term 3. The prompts for each Assessment Task will be given to you on the day of the task.
2. During each week, lessons will be dedicated to prepare you for each Assessment Task but you must take your own notes, read through your 'Insight English' text book, annotate articles that have been handed to you and ask questions!
3. You must complete all 3 written pieces in class under timed conditions! You will receive 1 lesson per Assessment Task
4. You will then complete a written explanation of your personal authorial choice for the piece you nominate as your best.

Year 11 VCAL Literacy

Year 10 Work Related English

Romeo & Juliet essay due on Wednesday 28th October